France, Allemagne, Japon, 2017
14 min
HDV – Analog archive
Directed by Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky

One indigo summer night, in a rather tropical suburban Japan, several isolated people find themselves caught in a game of shadows and lights more or less threatening. Operators dressed in black seem to manipulate them as they abandon themselves to the idea of being puppets. Yet here no ventriloquism, at most a few tears, or a laughter hidden behind a scream, are tearing the silence of the night apart.

Shadow-Machine is reminiscent of early cinema: the origin of the photograph out of the shadow play, the eerie animation of animate and inanimate (overcoming death), experimenting within the possibilities of film machinery and montage as well as a reflection both anxious and liberating on the domination of an author on his player.

2016/06: FID Marseille, écran parallèle Ventriloquies, France (world premiere)
2016/09: FIC Valdivia, Chile
2016/10: Crédakino, Ivry, France
2016/10: Cinéphémère, FIAC, Paris, France
2017/03: Gaité Lyrique, Rencontres Internationales Paris, France
2017/06: HDKW, Rencontres Internationales Berlin, Allemagne
2017/09: 25FPS Zagreb – Compétition internationale, Croatie
2017/10: Rua Gaivotas 6, Lisbon, Portugal
2018/03: Crac Alsace, Altkirsh, France

Featuring Junko Hiroshige (member of Hijokaidan)
Argiope Bruennichi, Ningyōzukai Bunraku Puppet(s)teers, Mitsuko Hirai, Junko Hiroshige, Orthoptera Cricktets, Junpei Sahigashi, Jomon Sugi souvenir, Megumi Wakabyashi, Zora the Spidercrawler
Color grading : Unai Rosende

Support from Aide à la Recherche CNAP